Band Concert Performance!

Hello Grade 5 Band,

Congrats once again on a fabulous performance last week!  The way you  played and behaved showed just how hard you have worked this past year.  I hope that you continue to play your instruments and keep up all of the good work you started this year.  The video of the concert is now available for viewing, so if you would like to see it you can find it here.  Good luck and all the best in grade 6!

Arts Festival Parent Performance Videos

Hello Grade 1 and 2 Parents,

We have finally received the videos from the performances and demonstrations of your students in grades 1 and 2 during the arts festival.  The links are listed below.  This is a great way to reflect with your child on what they did as well as see the class if you were not able to make it.  Enjoy!







5th Grade Percussion Projects and Performance

Bang On!, a percussion duo that specializes in using found and recycled instruments, will be coming to the ES the week of April 21 – 25. They will also be working intensively with  5th grade students to help them develop their own percussion compositions. They have already begun to work on ideas for their pieces. Here they areexploring sounds and experimenting with rhythmic patterns before deciding which ones they will include in their pieces. They will share the results of their work at a final assembly at 2:05 on Friday, April 25, and family members are invited to attend – we hope you can make it!


Grade 1 Aurasma!

Hello Grade 1 Parents!

I am sure some of you may have noticed the lovely photos of your students with the instruments they made in music class posted as you come into the Grade 1 classroom area.  Through the app Aurasma, you will be able to watch your student’s photos come to life and see a video they created about the instrument(s) they made overlaid on top of the photo.  If you have time, please go and check them out with your smart phone or device.  I will include the directions in this post, but there will also be directions posted by the display.  Take your student with you and see the learning come alive!

How do I begin – FIRST STEPS

1. Have your student’s photo handy

2. Download Aurasma APP available as a free for iPhones, iPads and high-powered Android devices. This is a “read only” APP.  ASB Teachers are learning other processes to create these Auras.

              a. Google Play Store

              b. iTunes APP Store


How do I use Aurasma APP?  NEXT STEPS to make the still image coming alive?

1. Use the “How-To” Visual Guide attached or follow these text directions:

2. Be sure you are connected to the internet

3. ASB Auras are created and posted to their school teachers’ “channel,”–Like Facebook – you need to follow the right channel to view Auras

4. Touch the purple “A” icon after the APP launches for a menu

5. Use the search icon to find “ASB’s Channel”

5. Follow ASB’s Channel

6. Return to the Viewfinder by pressing:  [  ] symbol

7. Point View Finder at the student’s photo (Aurasma needs to register the face in the photo)

8. Wait for the purple spin to download the media – be patient if bandwidth is slow.

9. Enjoy the magic!


Optional Fun Song: Dynamite!

Hello band students,

As I said in band yesterday, I have the music for Dynamite by Taio Cruz if you would like to look at it over break.  It is a fun song!  But a bit tricky and it has some new notes we haven’t learned yet – so you might have some questions but I am more than happy to answer them.  I will attach the part files here as well as the song itself – it is in a different key than the song you will find in youtube, so only with this recording will you be able to play along!  Enjoy and happy practicing :).

Here is the audio link:


Here are the parts:







Grade 2 Assembly Performance

The grade 2 students were working on a unit of inquiry about very influential people.  They were going to present this learning at the last assembly in February, and wanted a song to sing for the school.  That is when the song “With My Own Two Hands” by Ben Harper and Jack Johnson.  The students worked really hard, and we learned the song in less than a week!  If you weren’t able to be at the assembly, here is a link to the fabulous performance.

Instrument Making

The grade 1 students had a great time making instruments the last few days!  We started the process by having the students bring recycled objects in to school and we collected them in the music room.  Then experts who have made their own instruments came and spoke to each class.  With some ideas in hand, the students brainstormed how they could make their own instruments. Over the last week, the students have spent time creating their instruments.  I recorded them talking about the process of making the instrument, what the instrument was called, and what the instrument sounded like.  The process was messing and challenging for them to figure out different ways to create what they wanted with the materials we had, but they did a great job!  Here are some of the photos from the process.  The students will be putting videos on ePortfolios and you will be able to view them in their classrooms using the Aurasma app.  Enjoy!


Power Rock

We are starting a new piece in band!  It is called Power Rock, and is a combination of “We Will Rock You” and “Another One Bites the Dust.”  Parts will be going home this week, so please practice and click here to listen.  Enjoy!

Signs and Symbols in Music

The students of grade 2 have been busy learning all about signs and symbols in music! At first, we inquired into how music is a language, and the different aspects of music that share common features with language.  We looked at rhythm, and how music had a way of being written down and notated, just as we write sentences in English or any other language. We applied what we know about quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth notes to this idea.  Then we inquired into the melodic part of music and discovered that musicians use a system called solfege as a language of pitches.  We learned So and Mi (“mee”) and how these sounds are a skip apart and how So is higher and Mi is lower. The students we able to sing and play instruments for songs they know by reading So and Mi on the staff.  We have had a good start, but have even more signs and symbols of music to learn!